Ray Human Capital is a leading company in Human Capital Consulting and Services, in Project Management and in Outsourcing Services in terms of People Recruitment and Evaluation.

Through innovation and continuous development of our services, we optimize day by day the integral answer that we offer to our clients in order to cover the HR needs: Recruitment, Assessment and Development Centre, Consulting and Online Solutions.

Experts in identifying, evaluating and developing people talent, the team of Ray Human Capital, counts with a deep knowledge of companies, professional profiles that integrate each different sector in which they operate: Banking, Insurance, Public, Energy, Industry and Engineering, Healthcare, Consumer and Distribution, Transportation, Communication and Leisure.

We provide owned Evaluation and Development tools, Online Services and Tools in order to recruit (e-selection) and evaluate (e-valuate). Our accumulated know-how since we started in the market in 1990, together with our great human team, has enabled us to achieve a leading situation in the Spanish and in the Portuguese market.

Ray Human Capital was the first company in Spain to implement Hay/Mc Ber methodology in the competencies evaluation. Every year the company performs more than 1.500 recruitment processes for different national and international companies through our offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, A Coruña and Lisbon, providing integral solutions to the largest companies of each sector in order to implement their projects and strategies.

The new service portfolio of Ray Human Capital improves the efficiency in Global Talent Management, brings greater objectivity and effectiveness in evaluating professionals and provides comprehensive tools in the cloud for Development and High Impact Training solutions in your organization.

Experts in bringing added value to improve efficiency of global talent management and thanks to new technologies, we have created The Talent Cloud Services. TCS is a new concept that links four platforms for a comprehensive and global management talent in the cloud, ranging from Attraction and Talent Acquisition to Assessment, Training and Development.

Strategies that respond to the latest trends in people management, and collect the vision of Ray Human Capital about the market and its extensive international experience.

With presence in Spain, Portugal, Peru and Brazil, Ray Human Capital has become the best partner for companies that are seeking efficiency, excellence and innovation in the management and evaluation of their resources.

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